Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Post or Not to Post...

that is the question! Today has been quite the day to say the least...I'm actually taking some "downtime" at the moment...I should be doing laundry or sweeping or something. But...more I need to process some stuff.

Got a phone call late last night that the husband of one of our bus drivers had just passed away. He'd been sick but it was still a shock as we'd all heard he was doing "o.k" - still undergoing treatment but stable. The visitation is tomorrow night while the service is Saturday morning. I think one of the reasons I'm struggling a bit more - besides the unfairness of it all - is that even though it's a different month once again it is the week before spring break from school. The year Mike died there were 3 of us bus drivers who lost husbands the week before or actually during spring break.

This afternoon was an "early dismissal" from school for teacher training. I normally enjoy those days even though the bus is always loaded - and kids are often hyper. This afternoon was frustrating - one of my 1st grade students got on with a knot on his head from someone opening the school door into him. I radioed in and asked someone to come out and look at it. The school did eventually send someone out - they said pretty much that they thought he would be fine - he should just ask his mom to ice it when he got home. I asked her to call his mom and let her know - they told her that he did it on the bus door! I was angry - there's no way he could have gotten a knot like he had from the door of the bus. Not to mention the fact that he should have had ice on it before we left the school! His mom did come out to meet the bus and I was able to explain what he'd told me had happened and show her the lump. She called the school and insisted they change the accident report. I radioed the bus shop and had them make note of it also. After I was done driving I was able to stop back and check on him myself - with ice the knot was going down and he was eating so that's a relief.

My girlfriend Suz called me frantic because she had a horse down and wasn't sure what to do about it. She wanted Stretch to come over and help get it up. By the time he got there the horse was up and being checked over by Suz's mom and an Amish neighbor. I still spent a few minutes holding the pony back...that's definitely a new experience as I've never had much dealings with horses.

I'm ready to get out and "play" in the dirt - have two of my flower beds built. Now I want to plant in them...we'll see what I can accomplish this weekend.


Linds said...

Wow. Not a quiet stress free day then. I am sorry to hear that a friend has lost her husband, Edith, and also that it is a time which is difficult for you. I think getting your hands stuck in the dirt and planting your garden will be just exactly what you need to do this weekend. Enjoy it!

Mary said...

My oh my - it seems that the staff at the school have a few issues with 'duty of care'. You did the right thing on following it through - all though that is probably not part of your job description, I'm sure!

I am not sure of the details, but I kind of picked up that this is a raw time for you at the moment. I will be keeping you in my prayer thoughts.

Like Linds said - enjoy playing in the dirt.

Cheers now.

Apple said...

I am so sorry for your coworker's loss and that it has affected you so.

Your school sounds like mine at dismissal. I hope they just were in a rush and not listening rather than passing the blame.

Playing in the dirt is therapeutic so I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy it!