Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good news....Bad News...

It's been an eventful few days since I last I'm tired but at least I'm relatively calm and at peace. It's another grey gloomy day with thunderstorms expected...but the breeze is warm. I've got laundry started, dishwasher started and have done my morning bus route.

Good news...there was showing of my old house on Tuesday and the couple is possibly interested.

Bad news...the house had been broken into...door left wide open and there was a wild duck trapped inside.

Good news...the duck was successfully chased out of the house.

Bad news...the duck left droppings in most rooms throughout the house.

Good news...I have friends who were there for me yesterday when I had to deal with break-in news and who will help clean up tomorrow.

Bad is not yet sold.

Good is having another open house this coming Sunday...Good news - we didn't have to cancel or reschedule the Open House due to break-in.

Good news...there wasn't much of great value left in the house.

Bad news...most of what we know was taken was owned by the realty company and used for staging.

Good isn't overly concerned about what was taken and is not pitching a fit about it.

Bad news...I was so upset over that and the fact that a young dad was killed in an unnecessary motorcycle accident over the weekend that I was completely unsafe to drive my bus route yesterday afternoon.

Good news...there was a good sub driver available.

Bad news...bus broke down.

Good news...she was at school when it broke down.

Bad seat belts on the spare bus.

Good news...I had student driver again this morning and students behaved fairly well.

Good news...I had the opportunity to lay out for them how disappointed I was in behavior for last two sub driver's they've had...and my expectations for the ride this afternoon.

Good news...I was out taking pictures in the woods with Dipstick the other night.

Bad news...I am falling asleep here at the computer so therefore pictures will have to wait.

Good news...I'm home today and as soon as I finish loading dishwasher I can take a nap. So...I'm away.

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