Thursday, April 9, 2009

Of Bats and UFO's

Well...I'm getting a late start this morning...first time this week I've slept (?) until 8:30. Most mornings I've been up between 7-7:30 - and been awake before that with B and Dipstick getting out the door. This morning I was semi-awake but fell back sound asleep. I feel rather like I'm getting the day off to a very late start - especially since Squirrel and Stretch are up playing PS2. my defense I got to bed very late last night- I had coffee too late in the day followed by a bat chase at 10:30 last night! Much shouting, shrieks and general chaos went on...Dipstick and Squirrel slept through it all! My stitching went flying after B tossed a blanket at the bat and had it land on me - with no bat thankfully. B finally cornered it under one of my good brooms in the stairs - then we had to figure out how to get it into something to throw it outside without it getting away again. We'd been closing the door to mudroom so were rather puzzled as to how it got "in" the main part of the house...there's an old vent opening in the stairwall that I think will need to be covered over. (We've come to the conclusion that during construction bats likely took up residence in the crawl space so they are simply doing what they can to get out at night to hunt)

On a different note...I love my Ott-lite. I used it last night for the first time officially - first to take a hem out of one of Squirrel's uniform pants and then to stitch! It's been years since I've actually been able to see to stitch - I'm thrilled. So I pulled out my UFO (unfinished object) stash...of course I couldn't find all the patterns and projects at the same time or in the same place. However I was able to get a start on getting things organized.

Today Squirrel has optional track practice while Stretch has a movie planned with friends. I need to get going on getting chores done around here so we can grocery shop this afternoon before track. My goal is to be home before Dipstick gets off the school bus - Stretch will bring Squirrel home.

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