Monday, April 6, 2009

A Day in the Life...

1st day of spring break...Dipstick went back to school today as his spring break was last week. This evening the sun is shining but it's cold out...we woke up to snow on the ground and snow flurries. It's all gone but still cold out. We've split wood... Stretch pinched a finger in a log on the splitter so now we are watching a Ken Davis dvd. It's really good to hear the boys laughing - deep male voices mixed with voices that haven't changed yet. We got most of the wood that we wanted to get split tonight done though there is plenty more to do. B is out at a meeting tonight.

This morning Stretch, Squirrel and I went to town...first stop was to get passports applied for. I was able to get my name change applied for currently I have no passport as it's been sent in for a new one. But that didn't cost me anymore than the pictures and postage...the boys' were a different story. I'm praying for no emergencies with Mom.

From there we went to the music store to drop Squirrel's trombone off for repair. We picked up two new lesson books - for clarinet and guitar and a trumpet snake. Then it was off to the mall where the boys spent time at a bookstore while I stopped in a couple of other places. Then to the craft store....I had a gift certificate that I was wanting to spend though I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to get. I was debating between a sewing machine and an Ottlite . Both items were on sale but with the sale price and my gift certificate I got a light and only had to actually pay $1.35. I was so excited - the boys thought I was nuts. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have my stitching found so I can try out my light. Then it was to a different bookstore and the grocery then home. Of course I still have a list of things I forgot but they can wait some.

Last week ended up pretty good - my little boy with the knot on his head did not go to school on Friday. His mom kept him home to keep an eye on him. The service for my friend's husband was Saturday morning while the visitation was Friday night. The minister who did the service gave a clear presentation of the gospel - I found it encouraging even though it was hard.

As far as my bus route goes - I've decided to keep a "bus journal" - basically a notebook (hopefully a sturdy one) that I can make any notes about my bus route that I need to remember. We'll see how that goes - hopefully it will help with my "documentation" issues. We'll see.


Apple said...

Vacation? I'm exhausted just having read all you did! I hope you have a great week.

Linds said...

Ok, so I had to go and check out the light which made you want it more than a sewing machine! It looks good though. Let us know how you find it when you have een using it a while!
I also think the idea of keepign a book in the bus and writing down things as they happen is an excellent one. There will be many small things you can write down too and maybe see patterns emerging over the weeks. Not to mention helping with your documentation!
Enjoy your break!

Mary said...

My vote goes to the sewing machine. Don't ask me why - just about everyone I know will testify to my 'brilliance at sewing'??????

Happy break. I start my two week break in 2 days (and counting).

Marilyn said...

I have an Ott light on my scrapbooking table and I absolutely LOVE it! The "white light" it gives off helps with showing true colors!

Sue said...

Keeping a journal in your bus is a great idea. Have a great day from