Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Week Update

So...I sit here and look at this blank screen again and wonder what to write...It's been 2 weeks(!!) since I've posted anything and I feel like I hardly know what to write about.

We had bus driver training this morning - this time on dealing with parents - whether they meet the bus or on the phone or whatever. Again I thought it was a rather interesting presentation - I came out of it with some areas to work on (I could do a much better job at documentation of bus stuff. I journal after all so it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to fill in a calendar page after bus route.) and encouragement in other areas. One of my biggest areas of encouragement is the statement that "kids won't go up to an adult or person they don't like". Implied from that is that if kids off my bus route come up to me in public for a hug or to say hi or whatever I must be doing something right. After this morning's route where I had two different sibling groups arguing amongst themselves on the bus I needed to hear that.

Dipstick is on spring break this week - Sunday I was afraid it was going to be a very long week. However yesterday he did really well at working on getting his bedroom cleaned and organized again. It's not done but it is MUCH better than it was. Today he is with his step-brother "Ornery" due to my training this morning. I was hoping to be able to make time to take him to a movie or something a little bit special but I'm not sure if that will work out or not - getting him to a matinee show and getting myself on the bus on time are the challenge.

Squirrel did pass his black belt test and has received his belt. He did really well - got to break "real boards" at testing. That is always more fun/satisfying than the plastic boards that are used more commonly. He came back from his retreat fighting a cold - and is still fighting it.

Saturday we went as a family to a local tractor auction - B had a tractor that was being sold. It was interesting to watch and hear the auction going on. I have a terrible time figuring out what is being said though - they speak so fast in such a sing-song fashion it just blows my mind. After we got home from that we all spent time in the shop building "my" flower boxes. That was fun - 2 are completely built but not filled yet. I will need at least one more 4x8 foot one and would like a couple of 4x4 ones for other areas of the yard. I want to grow a combination of perennials and annuals with the goal of eventually ending up with 3 seasons of color. I also want to mix in vegetables instead of having a huge separate vegetable garden. B is anxious to get grass seed sown.

Mom ended up spending a couple of days in the hospital last week - she was in on the 22nd in the ER and probably should have been admitted at that point. However as she "perked up" once she was re-hydrated she was sent home only to fall back into the same pattern of losing more fluid than she was able to take in a couple of days later. Thankfully we now have a diagnosis - it's something that in some people would be surgically "repaired" but she's not able to withstand surgery. Therefore she and Dad will have to learn to control the symptoms with a combination of diet and lifestyle changes and medication. It's been really difficult both for me and the boys being this far away. I am extremely thankful that I was able to go up for a visit at the beginning of the month - am trying to round up passports and figure out the best time to go later.

Guess that's enough of an update. I hope to get around to catching up on all "my" readers posts and comment soon. I sure appreciate your comments and encouragement.


Marilyn said...

Congratulations to Squirrel on achieving his black belt! What an accomplishment!! Please give him a hug for us.

Apple said...

Way to go Squirrel!

Having your Mom so far away has got to be frustrating. I know I grumble sometimes about the 1/2 hour drive to my mother's but I'm lucky to live so close and to be able to take care of what ever she needs.

It's refreshing to hear you came out of a training session with positives. I'm always happy if I take away something I can really use.

Mary said...

Black belt - WOW - and so young! Tell Squirrel I am very impressed.

I am a bit like you at the moment (long spells between posts - hmmmmm).

I am at the stage where I would just love to beam all my bloggy friends over and we can have a great old chin wag.