Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can't think of a title challenge solved...Dipstick is now typing anything that must be typed on the laptop computer. We will then transfer the file to a flash drive so that he can print it either at school or using the other computer. I am hoping that having the "big" computer free with result in less stress for all involved.

I am booked for a visit to Toronto this coming weekend to see Mom and Dad. I'm more than a little nervous about flying by myself - and driving a couple of hours to the airport. I'll have a book on CD for the drive...and am planning on packing in such a way that I only have a carry-on bag. Checked luggage means more charges - and while I got a good rate on the ticket I don't want to have to pay anymore. If I have to check something on the way back that's fine - I always bring back more than I left with. I will be taking the camera...along with journal. I would really like to get more of Mom and Dad's slides on CD before I go - however that will likely require paying someone else to do it. This will be the first time in probably 25 years that I've been the only one to visit - I'm looking forward to that part of the trip. B and the boys will have to "survive" alone here while I'm gone. My bus route is covered - had a chat with the substitute driver this morning.

Yesterday was a nice enough day that I cleaned the chicken coop out...that was a major job. It was nice to be able to have the chickens out for awhile. Sally dog was "herding" them though - towards Splash who I'd tied up. She was trying to be "discreet" about it (can a dog have that much smarts?) but definitely herding them. She had a group of 5 heading towards where Splash was when I caught her and put an end to that. She pretty much gave up after that...thankfully.

Stretch is busy with musical practice. He will legally be able to carry his brother around this coming week - one reason for when I scheduled the trip as I needed him to haul his brother to school. Squirrel will be testing for his black belt in TaeKwonDo this week - I'm pushing him a bit on that as I wanted it done before spring track starts.

Better being sat upon and I've about run out of rambling anyway. Squirrel is waiting on me to go outside with him to "clean" the car out.


Apple said...

I hope you have a great week and a great trip!

If you are interested in having someone else transfer the slides for you, I've used for pictures with good luck and they do slides too. Of course there is always a risk when you send one of a kind items through the mail.

Marilyn said...

We'll be praying for a safe trip and a wonderful visit. Please say "Hi" to your folks for us.

scrappy quilter said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip.

Mary said...

Have fun.

Barbara said...

Edith, Thank you for your very nice comments when you visited. I am just getting back to normal and have looked around on your site...looks like you have a great trip coming up. Be safe and have a wonderful time.