Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Floods & Trip Update

Water water everywhere! Today is a beautiful gorgeous sunny day but cold! Yesterday temps were in the 60's and today we are back down to the 30's. We had a 2 hour delay this morning in school start time - thankfully. There was rain and thunderstorms pretty much all day yesterday and well into the night - I've heard that we got a couple of inches and are already well over normal rainfall totals for this time in March. Many roads are flooded and there is definitely water in strange places. My bus route was not dramatically affected - I had to do one turn-around that I don't normally have to do. However I was sort-of expecting it and had come into that area the way that I normally exit it so it wasn't a big deal. On the other hand...getting to my bus was a wee bit challenging - I was unable to take the road south that I normally take as it had flowing water over it. (I will go through flowing water if I can see most of the way across - in this case I absolutely could not!) The first road I turned on to shorten my detour also had water across it and the opinion of the boys and I was that it was also too deep to cross. However we made it to the bus - only 5 minutes or so later than normal and were able to leave on route at our normal time. Coming home I did (on a different road) drive through some fairly deep water - ended up with my wheels and undercarriage having a bunch of straw/grass debris stuck in them. The car looks pretty funny.

I'm really glad I went to Mom and Dad's over the weekend- had a fairly good trip overall. The flights both directions were decidedly bumpy - coming back I could see the thunderclouds we had to skirt. The neat thing about the flight there was watching out the airplane window to see the lights of Toronto as we landed. I forgot how beautiful the lights of a city were from an airplane at night. I also forgot how absolutely huge Toronto airport really is - seemed like I walked forever to get from the plane to customs. Getting through customs was no problem at all - the lines were not long. Mom saw me before I saw her - I was looking for Dad or for both Mom and Dad together rather than Mom alone. That was encouraging. Mom ate well while I was there and overall we had a good time. We played a game - first time in a very long time I've played a board game with them and spent time visiting. I was able to sort and organize Mom's bookshelf in their bedroom and go through some of her files in the cabinet. I wish I'd had more time to get more done. It was good to see where they are living now. I'm not sure when I will get to go back.

Yesterday afternoon was the first afternoon some of my middle school kids rode a different bus. They were less than thrilled about the transfer but it seemed to make a big difference to me - my route went more smoothly and I was far more relaxed. I was afraid the other driver would be really upset about it but she responded to me well enough this morning on the radio.

I'd better go - have to attempt to accomplish something today - with the 2 hour delay this morning and another nap my day is almost gone. Naps have been a necessity this week - probably a little more than normal due to the time change.

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Apple said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! Toronto is beautiful from the air. I've always been met by long lines there at customs.

I hope the flood waters recede quickly. We've been lucky here so far.