Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Delay delay this morning and I ended up backing up the bus about half a mile. I had come in the same way I did yesterday morning to this one area - knowing there would likely still be at least some water on the road. However I couldn't tell at all how deep it was - nor could I, in the dark, accurately judge a turn-around without running the risk of hitting something. So I just backed out to where there was a dead-end drive that I was certain I could turn-around in. It made me run later than I did yesterday - thankfully I had received a call from the mom of my student who lives furthest east that he wasn't riding so I didn't have to pass his stop. The only other "excitement" on the bus route was seeing the ice running diagonally across a busy intersection that I have another stop at. The first time it wasn't a problem...the second time the back end of the bus kind of skidded around.

This morning by the end of bus route time snow was falling - and sticking slightly to roads. It seems to have stopped now and it's definitely cold. The plan for today is to get a thorough grocery list made and ready. Then I'll grocery shop this afternoon while Squirrel is in TaeKwonDo.

I'd better go for now - have a parent to attempt to call about an incident from earlier in the week. The other student involved has been kicked off the bus for a day - I would like to see the same thing for this student. Unfortunately I don't have much real hope that that's what will actually happen.


Linds said...

Sorry I haven't been arounf much, Edith, and can I just say how much I have appreciated your beautiful comments. You are a true friend, and I value that enormously.
I hate the idea of you on the roads with snow and ice and floods and heaven knows what else, but I also know you are used to it and are skilled too. But still....

I hope you get some respite from the troublesome kids too.
Thanks again!

Mary said...

Hi there. Believe it or not this is my billionth attempt at leaving a comment - ok - so maybe not the billionth. I write and it wont accept my username. I have probably plonked in the wrong one as I usually just leave the comment and press enter.

My comment is (for around about the 1 billionth and 1 time) - I am with Linds in freaking out a bit when I think of the conditions you drive on. Do you get danger money?

I am going to try and post again.

Here goes!

Mary said...


Marilyn said...

I'm so glad you had a good visit with your folks. We're heading up to Grandpa's next weekend for a week to help him pack up Grnadma's stuff.

We have the opposite problem down here in Florida - we haven't had any rain for weeks and are in the
4th year of a very severe drought. The pond behind our house is over 4 feet below where it should be as is the one across the street from us. According to the meteorologists, we are over 44 inches of rain below average (over the last 4 years).

Take care and drive carefully!

Aussie Therese said...

Hi Edith,

It is great to meet another mom blogger. Thanks for following my blog.

I think you are very brave driving a bus. We have two cars. A small Carola and a Volkswagen van. I much prefer the small Carola to the van because it is so much easier to drive. I couldn't imagine driving a bus. My husband and fil tried to talk me into getting a commuter for our family car when I was pregnant with our youngest. I said no way and we ended up with the Volkswagen.

Good luck with the parent that you need to call.