Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dipstick has a fog day today...several school districts canceled. However we just went on a delay. Driving was not difficult - the roads were not slick at all. However visibility was non-existent to say the least - one could see about the distance of two telephone poles. Thankfully I knew the route and where the stops were - made things much easier. Even so...I realized at one point that I really wasn't sure where exactly on a road I was...turns and stops were definitely more difficult to find. The fog has lifted mostly but it's still a grey hazy day... it's supposed to start raining and sleeting later.

We rather suspect that one of the dogs has tangled with a skunk...the aroma is still fairly strong outside. I have no good ideas how to decrease the aroma...especially since I'm not at all sure how/what the dog tangled with it.

The "scenic route" can be a lot of fun - provided one does not need to use the restroom! There are no public rest areas on back country roads. I made a wrong turn somehow coming home from dropping off a payment at the electric company and actually ended up in a different county. I am very thankful for a compass in my car as I would have had no idea which way to go or where I was without that. I still didn't know exactly where I was or which way to go but at least I knew which way I was going! B and my sister and girlfriend all laughed at sense of direction (or lack) is well-known.


scrappy quilter said...

Oh no, I hope your dog hasn't tangled wth a skunk. That smell will be around for awhile if he did.

Linds said...

Skunks... I know nothing about them except tomato juice should get the dog clean. I am not in any hurry to meet skunks either!
I think maybe your family need to save up and get you a Tomtom. That way you can goo on any scenic route you want and still find your way home at the end!

Mary said...

I don't know if I could do driving in such fog. I would be so nervous (a real braveheart - not). Please be careful.

Skunks -
Don't Fall for Old Wives Tells

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Skunk smells - sounds awful. Hope all is smelling like roses soon.

Catch ya later.