Friday, February 20, 2009

Been A Week

It's been a week since I've posted anything...on the one hand it seems to have flown by...on the other hand, not.
  • Been sick all week - fighting sinus junk with voice
  • Kids on bus LOVE having a squeaky-voiced bus driver
  • Had 1 little one ask for the bucket...and another one fall down bus steps yesterday afternoon. Thankfully he wasn't seriously hurt - more embarrassed and bruised.
  • Another bus driver's husband has just been diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer
  • I lost 4 lbs last month - doing county-wide weight-loss competition - only increased my activity very slightly - have increased water intake but really not watched what I ate.
  • Found out this morning that we do not have "automatic" recycling pick-up here at new place - boys were most disgusted and rather disbelieving about that! Their reaction was very funny...though I'm disappointed to not have the recycling pick-up as that means there won't be much of it going on here at this point in time.
  • We may be looking at some MAJOR repairs in old house - involving heat in the ceiling - we've made no decision yet on how to handle them but I suspect they will need dealt with before we can sell it
  • Caught some students pulling duct tape repairs off one of the seats on my bus - I'd been suspicious of these girls before and had been checking that seat 4x daily - this time they made "mistake" of putting tape on top of the seat where I could see it in the mirror.
  • Am attempting to plan a possible trip north to see my Mom and Dad - will end up being a "rushed" weekend trip but hopefully I'll be able to pull it off
  • Winter storm advisory for this weekend - currently there is very little snow on the ground but it's been cold the last couple of days and there is predicted to be snow in the morning.
  • I like bullet style journaling especially when it's been awhile since I've posted anything and it's getting late at night
  • Squirrel is testing for his black belt in TaeKwonDo in a couple of weeks
  • Stretch is away for the night at a youth group retreat...he's gearing up to be pretty busy again as musical try-outs were this past week
  • Dipstick does much better with keeping his grades up IF I am very diligent about checking daily to see what he has due and has turned in
  • Even though my writing may not be particularly has been decidedly funny this week overall - except for finding out about life-threatening illness in friend's husband
  • Eventually I will get pictures posted again


Mary said...

Hi. Glad to hear your week has been mostly positive (or did you say funny?). Bullet journaling is an excellent way of catching up. I may well have to do the same as I have been reluctant to post lately - due to lack of 'WOW' material. But I guess it is the small moments that make us who we are as well as the BIG stuff.

Have a great weekend.

Linds said...

Yep, I agree....sometimes life just happens in bullet points. I hope you are feeling better though. And that you avoid any more winter stroms. We all need spring to arrive.

scrappy quilter said...

I agree, bullet journaling is a great way to catch up. Glad you had a more positive week.