Friday, February 13, 2009

I wrote this post last night...after a very trying day on the bus. I can't decide how to edit it so here goes.

Dipstick learned to swallow pills tonight! By his own choice! At supper he decided to attempt to swallow a frozen pea like he would a pill. He succeeded, did it again and moved on to a piece of frozen corn, then a frozen green bean. From there he snapped multivitamin in half and successfully swallowed it. This is huge though it sounds minor. Up to this point he's always choked on them and almost gagged. I'm proud of him - and it was so neat to see how excited he was about it!

I cried through my bus route this afternoon - and was very tempted to tell a principal that she could drive the students home! However I have a signed "contract" from one student...his mother was talking about his behavior with front of me and I started taking notes. She had him sign it so we are agreed. I discussed with another student's mother his behavior and suggested that having him bring a DS on the bus would be acceptable if it would help him stay quiet and calm. She suggested using that as a reward for good behavior for a week or two. So I will likely be coming up with a similar contract for this student - maybe a fill-in the blank document that can be used as needed would be the best way to go. I'll have to sleep on this. But having stuff written down - with dates and all - helps me remember and keep stuff straight. My rules are pretty much the same for everyone but sometimes I focus on different aspects of them.

Dipstick is finally done with his homework and I'm away to bed.

Mom's memory seems to be deteriorating again...that's discouraging/difficult to watch and hear about. I need to plan a visit there but not sure how to do so with work and boys.


Linds said...

Oh Edith, it sounds as though you have a lot on your plate at the moment. Great news re the pill swallowing though! And an excellent idea to have contracts. I hate the thought of you crying as you try to do your job. I just wish children were more considerate. Sigh. Keep your chin, up, girl.

scrappy quilter said...

I'm so sorry you have so much on your plate. I wish kids were more considerate too, however it often stems back to the parents. I hope you can get these contracts done and that everything works out okay. Sending hugs.