Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview with Linds

Linds interviewed me....some cool questions but there might be some long answers. Hope you enjoy the answers.

If you want to be interviewed leave me a comment saying so and I will send you 5 specific questions for you to answer.

1. You were born in Africa, I know, so can you tell us about what you remember most about the time you live there? Have you ever been back?

Probably what I remember most about Africa is ... Do I have to chose only one thing? Grocery shopping - I didn't have to do it myself as I never lived there as an adult. However it would take most of a day. There would be a visit to the market where we got our fresh fruit and veggies, followed by a stop at the grocery store for dried and canned goods. From there we would also go to the butcher shop to get meat and eggs - possibly milk as well. Then it was home where everything had to be washed (fruits and veggies) and put away. Occasionally there would also be a trip to the Post Office to get mail or pick up a package and to the bank. I remember living in a beautiful house near the ocean with windows all around the top floor that we could watch the ships come in and out. We still had to drive to go someplace to swim but what a view!

I remember - at an earlier age and in a different country - living on a mission station out of town with no electricity and no indoor toilet. The outhouse was actually a ways away from the house...overnight we used a can that Dad would empty in the mornings. There was a big old tree that I loved to climb with one of my bears and a book - I don't remember ever taking a journal up that tree but I spent hours hiding out reading books. In that house...I got to sleep in the living room - windows faced east so I was often one of the first ones awake. The house was only a two bedroom place - my sister and 2 brothers shared the bedroom - until she fell off the top bunk. Who-ever slept on the cot in the living room got to go to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed at night and be moved when they went to bed. Lighting at night was by kerosene lamp...stove must have been wood or coal. The fridge was kerosene - I remember Dad laying on his stomach on the floor priming it. That was the same house that Dad fell partway through the attic in. I remember riding my bike around - in a dress with shorts underneath it - falling off and skinning my knees.

Yes I've been back - but only to Kenya and only 1 time. I got to go back for my sister's graduation from high school - 3 years after I graduated. I knew at that point that there were some definite pictures I wanted to take that I'd not taken before...and some definite things I wanted to do. It was a good six week trip - and gave me a chance to see and experience more of what my Mom and Dad did as a young adult. It gave me a much better understanding of some things.

2. Where and how did you meet your husband?

This was not specified but I'm assuming this is in reference to B. I met him at church - actually officially through his wife. The very first time I noticed B he was standing in the hallway outside of a Sunday School classroom sharing with someone that cancer had been found in his wife - not afraid to show his emotions - the pain and sorrow in his face...My heart broke for him as I knew personally what it was to have a spouse deal with cancer and I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. It was probably more than a year later that we actually met and even then we rarely spoke. We did not begin to really talk until after his wife died and the relationship developed from there. He will tell you "never lend a car to a woman unless you are prepared to eventually marry her" - in a half joking way.

3. What games do you remember playing as a child? Did you play similar games with your kids?

As a child...we often played board games as a family. That was one way that Mom and Dad spent time with us together when we were home from school. We occasionally played Scrabble - something that I never really enjoyed in spite of being an avid reader. We played Tri-Ominoes. Probably the game we played most often was called "Muggins" - it was a good counting game made out of old calendars. I've never seen it in stores and have never played it with my boys. Ping-Pong was also a much enjoyed game - and one that I've not had the opportunity to play with my boys. I saw a set of Ping-Pong paddles in the dollar store the other brought back some cool memories. Would love to play that again. I do occasionally get to play games with the boys - most often card games such as "Hand and Foot". Life is popular and occasionally we even play Scrabble.

4. What would you prefer - summer or winter?

I think I overall prefer summer. The days are longer and brighter. Growing up near the equator where the length of the day doesn't change much year-round has made a difference to how I cope with shorter winter days. Besides being a school bus driver means that during the summer I'm usually off. On the other hand...I do love the sight of a fresh heavy snowfall with the sun shining on it.

5. What would you like to have achieved in 10 years time?

In 10 years! The boys will be grown by then and most likely out of the house. I would definitely like to be debt-free. I would like to have lost 50+ lbs and be in better physical shape than I am now. I would like to have improved in my photography skills and have completed at least 2 quilts. More than any of that though I would like to have grown in my relationship with God - and be doing what He wants me to do. I would like to see my marriage strong and happy.


Linds said...

Wow, Edith, this was FANTASTIC!! I think you have made a wonderful job of answering the questions, and I am absolutely fascinated by your African memories. Maybe you should think of writing a book about growing up in Africa. Great post. (And yes, I did mean B!)

And yes, I am quite happy to answer any questions too. I am always ready to be interviewed and it is interesting to see the different types of questions!

scrappy quilter said...

I loved reading your answers. Africa has always fascinated me. It was neat to read about you're living there.

Mary said...

What a great idea these interviews are - you get to have a little peek into someone else's experiences and treasures. Thanks for sharing your childhood memories of Africa - such a fascinating place - such beauty and harshness - at the same time - or so it seems! I kinda climbed up that tree with you and loved the view.