Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Snow Day

We are on another "snow" day today - think that's our 3rd already this school year. This time it is for ice in the southern part of the district. We had sleet and freezing rain last night - I have no idea how long it went. The dividing line seemed to be the major east/west highway that is south of where I live. At least when I went to pick the boys up from church last night roads were clear and dry north but as soon as I hit the church parking lot (which is right on the south side of the highway) I could see the ice on the surface. Anyway I was glad to get them safely home - Squirrel drove home so he could get some more of his required practice time in. I just checked the deck out the back/front/main door - it is coated in a skiff of ice and it is currently precipitating. Squirrel has gone back to bed and Dipstick has not gotten up yet - except when he first found out he was delayed. (Just for the record - Squirrel and I are in one school district while Dipstick is in another. We technically live in Dipstick's district but didn't before B and i got married. Boy that's a convoluted enough explanation isn't it??)

Just got off the phone with a guy that works for B part-time. He said that a buddy of his took 90 min to get from the road we live on to Arcola - it is usually no more than a 30 min trip. Maybe roads are worse than I thought. Think I'm beginning to be glad I'm not driving the bus today.

Linds asked where I'm finding "story-starters" after my last post. Over the years I've purchased several books on scrapbooking, journaling, and writing your family/personal history. It's not because I have a burning desire to write a published book - but I do want to record as much of Mom and Dad's story as possible. I can't write about their best friends but on my last visit north Dad and I talked about some of the family stories we have and I learned new stuff. Anyway...the story-starter I worked on earlier this week was from the book "Scrapbooking Your Family History - The Ultimate Workbook". It was published in 2007 by Creating Keepsakes. You can check out their website at There is a place there you can download the family history worksheets.

Well since I started this I've spent time in the shop office working on stuff for the shop and made sure Dipstick did his chores correctly. Squirrel is still asleep...I could tell he was really exhausted. Anyway...I guess I need to scoot and do some laundry and tidying up around here before I have to go back out to the shop office. Still haven't got my stuff re-installed. That will keep for the next time I sit down at the computer.

To leave a word picture: One rather wet cat wanted to come into the house. On not being allowed to she turned around and attempted to scamper down the ramp - only to slip and fall twice!

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