Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just stuff

I am sitting down to have my 2nd full cup of coffee today. I had one before bus route and part of a 2nd one. Really hoping it helps my headache while not upsetting my stomach. Think there is a flu bug going around here. B's sister was ill over the weekend. Last night B was ill - currently he's asleep on the couch. I'm hoping this is only a 24 hour stomach bug and more importantly that the boys don't get it.

The weather is still doing totally crazy things. It started snowing near the end of last week - Friday I think and by Saturday morning we had over 6 inches on the ground. Now the great majority of that has melted away - yesterday temps were in the high 40's and we had a very cold rain most of the day. Today it is just below freezing (31') and cloudy. More snow is predicted by the weekend. I saw on the news last night that so far this winter we've had 24 inches of snow - that equals to 75% of what we get all season. Overall this moisture is a good thing as it will refill the ponds and streams.
Having said that I do wish the snow would stay around for more than a day - the only snow pictures I've taken this year have been on my cell phone.

I've not been particularly creative this week - unless one counts some extra journaling. I found a story-starter asking about best friends from childhood last night and worked on that. It was kind of fun. I still want to get my slide/negative scanner re-installed hopefully today. Need to wait until I can turn on a light out here without disturbing B.

Bus route is going well overall this week. My noisy little girl from last week has done much much better. Am hoping that will continue.

Guess I've rambled enough. Kinda missing having comments but reminding myself that is not the reason I write.


Linds said...

I am here!! I am missing the snow after Switzerland. My son says they had a foot in a couple of hours today but they are used to it there. If we had a foot, the nation would grind to a halt and there would be talk of the end of the world. I like snow. Not ice, though.
I like the idea of story starters. Where are you finding them? Heaven knows I could do with some ideas now and then!
I always read everything you write, Edith. Some days I have no time to comment, but I am here, so you KNOW your words are being read! I love popping in to visit. I sincerely hope B recovers quick and that no-one else gets sick!

Edith said...

Thanks Linds. Always appreciate your comments and love knowing you are reading.