Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Struggling this morning - yesterday I got a lot done early. I was able to enjoy having quiet time out on the deck, did laundry, dishes, picked up the kitchen and family room - even spent time mowing the lawn. I was cheerful and encouraged. This morning - not so much. Nothing much major happened except I thought I was going to have a fist fight on the bus. Kid1 is blamed for breaking Kid2's arm over the weekend. Kid2 is back to school today along with brother Kid3 and two friends Kids 4 &5. Kids 4&5 start making comments about Kid1 who gets upset and starts to threaten them - no one will be quiet and let things drop. So...kids involved are turned in to the school to be dealt with - hopefully at least one will be kicked off the bus for the rest of the year. He's had his limit of conduct reports and is at that step in the discipline plan. We will see.

I'm sure another one of my sources of stress is the fact that I've realized that I have something scheduled every night this week - all will have me out until at least 7:00 pm - some will have me out later. Unfortunately none can be rescheduled due to it mainly being stuff that's preparation for next year. I was earlier rejoicing that this would be a less hectic week than last week with the musical being over with. B has asked me to go to the parent meeting at Dipstick's middle school as he finds them overwhelming. That's tonight along with TaeKwonDo for Squirrel and praise team practice for Stretch. Tomorrow night Squirrel has an instrument fitting for band for next year and I have an overdue haircut scheduled. Thursday night is TaeKwonDo, Grief Group and a music program that Squirrel wants to go to. He won't be doing everything...it just depends on which one he decides to do. Friday night I was hoping to attend an introductory yoga stretching class led by a friend of mine - I need the stretching and exercise. Not sure at the moment if I will make it or not - we will see.On a different note...the musical is over and done. I thoroughly enjoyed it - laughed a lot. I didn't cry even when Beth died...actually I didn't even realize that was what was happening in that scene. The girl who played Amy was amazing - perfectly cast. Stretch did a very good job as Professor Fritz - though he was told he had a awful German accent by our German exchange student. (I told him the exchange student should have stepped up to the plate to help him with that. ) He stayed for the "after party" - didn't get home until 4:00 am Sunday morning. It turned out that I knew the parents who were hosting it - that set my mind much more at ease. Stretch is back to running again.

Guess I've rambled enough...think I'm going to go outside and dig in my flower bed for a bit before having to head back to work. Still need to start laundry and stuff but need this more for my sanity.

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Apple said...

I hope the school follows through and at least one is gone. I recently had two removed for the rest of the year and I don't dread that route now. My little ones have been awful and they're multiplying. I'm still not close to capacity but is seems like we're packed full.

It sounds like all the things you have this week are for others. On Friday do something for you. I like yoga but I also find puttering in the garden relaxing.