Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bus Route

Completely discouraged at the moment - mainly with my bus route. That incident I wrote about last time with the 5 kids and the broken arm? The students involved got nothing, nada, zilch! The parents got a letter sent home telling them that if there was any further discussion, threatening or arguments the student doing the threatening would be suspended. The story in the letter was different then the story I heard from the students talking - Kid1 was not the kid who supposedly broke Kid2's arm - it was either Kid4 or Kid5. However that makes no sense at all because Kid3 sits with Kid4 on the bus - and if it had been either Kid4 or Kid5 they would not be getting along with Kid3. Now that that's sufficiently muddled...I talked to my boss about it. He says that because the principal involved is retiring at the end of this school year, he's not going to fight her on it at all. All I can do with any bus incidents is keep writing them up and just live with them.

Also I know for certain that my route will be changing again next year. That's frustrating because I have worked with these kids all year...finally have them somewhat lined out and now will have to start all over with a new group next year.

Out of time for now...guess I will try to post a more cheerful post later today. At the moment I'm getting ready to go have a quick visit with a couple who were like 2nd parents to me when I was growing up. They are in town for a visit with Suz and this time of day is the only time for a visit. It works for me though.

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