Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today was a misty damp rainy cool day - with the kind of rain that is needed for crops and gardens to grow. The lilac bushes were bent almost double from the weight of the blooms and the water. On a work day it can be rather gloomy - it's a better day for being able to hang around home in pj's. However today was a work day.

The bus route has been rather peaceful this week - a very nice change from last week with problems both at the beginning of the week and the end of it. Two of my students that had issues at the end of last week have been suspended from the bus for most of this week. Another one has been out of school - not sure why. I am very thankful for that - and at the same time rather looking forward to the end of the year. Today one of my older students had a can of "Fart Spray" - something I had never seen before. He tried to tell me it had sprayed "accidentally" while in his pocket. So...more paperwork to do tomorrow.

The chicks are growing. I moved them into an area bordered by two boxes, covered in chicken wire that has litter down on the floor. There will be clean-up to do when they are big enough to move into the coop. However now they have a little more room to roam.

Squirrel and I are both fighting sinus junk. I know that mine is caused by allergies and I suspect the same for him. He is finishing up his major 5th grade projects - on his state that he had to do a report on. I am speckled in gray spray paint as a result of helping him. Tomorrow night he has his music program also. Stretch has pretty much finished up his major school projects. He still has a few concerts left but nothing else major. He has been learning to run sound for elementary school music programs and is enjoying that.

Tomorrow I'm likely to be incredibly busy. In addition to my regular bus routes, I'm on standby to drive a kindergarten trip in the morning. That will depend completely on weather as it would be a walking trip if it is sunny out. Then I would go straight from that to my shuttle and a short break at home. Then it's afternoon route, followed by Squirrel's music program followed by a trip to pick up the track team from Sectionals. I am to be in the town where they are held by 9:00 pm tomorrow night. There is no telling what time I will get home. It's looking like a long day.

Stretch is hovering waiting on his turn on the computer so I'd better stop for now.

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