Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's been awhile since I've taken time to post - life has gotten decidedly busy to say the least. I hardly know where to start.

I now have 25 chicks in a large box in my barn. Most should be layers with about 5 roosters thrown in. They are now 3 weeks or so old and are getting in their permanent feathers. I keep two heat lamps on them at the moment as yesterday and today are quite cool. We are actually under a freeze warning tonight. I really really hope that it doesn't freeze as my trees are in bloom and I would really like some fruit off them this year. I plan to attempt to cover the shorter ones but that's not many. We will see.

Bus route - well it's easy to tell that the school year is winding down. The students are either really well behaved or really challenging - there doesn't seem to be much in between. I turned in my first conduct report in a long time on my "seatbelt" child - his resource teacher requested that. My middle school students are being their "normal" challenging selves - several will probably be suspended from the bus for a few days. End of year field trips are in full swing - I will be driving tomorrow most of the day with two more trips "on hold" pending my ability to find subs for my routes. Considering we hardly have any subs, that's a major challenge. My morning route and kindergarten shuttle are covered - am just waiting on a call back on my afternoon route for Friday. Squirrel has his only field trip of the school year Friday - he really really wants me to be one of the drivers for it.

Stretch is equally busy this week - he has his first performance of the musical tomorrow morning. (I am driving a bus to that - it doesn't involve my taking any time off my routes). Last night, tonight and Thursday night practice goes until 8:00 pm with performances Friday and Saturday nights. After his final performance he's asked to attend the "after party" for the cast - which will likely have him "out" until the wee hours of the morning. I am a little nervous about that but it's at one of the cast member's homes so hopefully will be chaperoned well and he will have his cell phone so can reach me if need be. We - B, Dipstick, Squirrel and I will be attending Saturday night's show.

The remodel at B's has not progressed much since we spent the time there hauling concrete. Some siding has come off and things are slowly getting packed up inside. Concrete for the crawl space is supposed to be poured sometime this coming weekend. However the electric has to be transferred to the new box, phone line has to be moved and the weather has to be "right" before that can happen.

I guess on that note, I had better scoot for now and get something in the crock pot for supper and hopefully measure out ingredients for a batch of muffins.

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Apple said...

I've been whining that not much is blooming here yet. Maybe that is a blessing. I hope your trees don't freeze.

It's crazy here too. The kids are ready to be done and we go to the 3rd week of June. I'm hoping to get the zoo trip this week. I'm glad I don't have to line up my own subs! We're so short here that both the boss and head driver drove today.