Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This turkey shows up at B's house when there are people doing stuff outside. We think it was probably a pet.

I started a post yesterday and ran out of time to finish it - I'm determined to get this done today. Of course that means that I need to type fast. Squirrel is in school today - he stayed home yesterday since he fell apart just before time to get on the bus. He slept from when he went back to bed at 7:00 am until 10:45 - definitely not normal for him. I was able to pick up his homework and have him work on it later during the day - he got most of it done. I figured out last night that in addition to sheer exhaustion from the weekend, part of his problem was likely due to a reaction to the little bit of sun that he got over the weekend. It's time to get the sunscreen out regularly again.

Busy busy weekend and week. I'm honestly not sure where to start...It is beautiful and mostly sunny out now. Yesterday morning we had thick fog during bus route time - it was like driving through a wooded desert where everything was muffled but there were eerie patches of woods that appeared and disappeared through the mist. Now it seems rather like trees and bushes have burst into bloom overnight. Daffodils and grape hyacinth are blooming. Forsythia are everywhere while lilacs have leaves on them and will bloom in a couple of weeks.

We spent a good part of Saturday at B's moving concrete. He's starting a big remodel at his place and we are helping. So far it's been fun to see the changes as things are torn off that need to come off before anything new can go on. It was a lot of work and we were all pretty beat by the time we got home. The picture below is just some of our chicks - Suz had 2 day old chicks (by the time they arrived) delivered to her place a week ago. 21 of those are mine definitely - I may take more just am not sure yet.

Sunday was definitely a rest day - made for a nice change. We went to Suz's for supper and the evening. The boys played outside while the adults were able to visit inside. It was fun to see how the chicks were growing. We played an old game B and I had never played before - Suz is great for board games. It was 9:00 pm before we got home so it was straight to bed for the boys.

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