Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow! Playing with my new toy...Bruce got me a kindle fire for my birthday. It will take me whit to learn to use it and I probably won't blog much using it. But nice to have the ability.


Linds said...

OOOOH! How exciting! I can't remember if I said Happy Birthday on FBK? If not, I apologise and wish you a wonderful year, and if I did, well, here is another birthday hug to a lovely friend.
I dream of a Kindle of any description. One day. But I have downloaded loads of free books through Pixel of Ink already to the computer so when I do get one I will be ready to roll! Have fun playing!

Edith said...

It is fun. But I've learned not to read on it late at night...keeps me up.

And thanks so much for the birthday wishes - I had a good day.