Saturday, March 10, 2012


Feel like I'm on the upswing today. Was an emotional mess this past week - especially yesterday. Had known that this was an anniversary week but wasn't really aware of the date. Hard to believe Mike has been gone 9 years. So much has happened since then...Stretch has graduated high school, had a major bone break (2 bones) and started well in college. Throughout his healing from breaking his leg he maintained straight A's. Squirrel is now a freshman in high school and doing great. He's got his learner's permit and drives anytime I allow him to. I've remarried. We've all moved twice.

I've not written in what seems like forever - guess it's only been two weeks. In that time I've made an unplanned "emergency" trip north to help Dad with a couple things. (My sister who was originally scheduled to be there was not able to.) I rode the train this time - while both Stretch and Squirrel would have come with both had school. B does not like to travel and was extremely busy in the shop. I thoroughly enjoyed the train ride - not so much the layovers. I was really glad to be able to be there with Dad as well.

When I got back I jumped back into "life" with both feet - on the go. Rescheduled some stuff this week. It was nice to have Stretch home on his spring break. Probably the highlight of the week was breakfast with him on Wednesday morning.

Guess that's enough for now. My two goals for this month - that have not happened at all so far were to post a picture a day and get at least 10 minutes of mild exercise daily. I did get a couple good pictures while I was up north but that's as far as I've gotten. Feel like I need to wait until next month and start over. Maybe I will aim to start the 15th.


Linds said...

9 years must seem like moments some times, Edith. Nearly 6 for me now too. So much happens and yet the number of years counted still astounds me. I am thinking of you, my friend.
And there is always next month to start on the picture thing! I found using my camera to snap photos much easier than having a camera with me. I have however, also resorted to a midnight photo of the weather forecast at times!!

Suz said...

I couldn't believe when I thought about it that June will be 10 years for Tim. So much time, so much STUFF! Now that he has been gone longer than we were together, it seems like that part of my life is SO far away. Yet so real! Sorry I wasn't able to help more!

Mother to Chaos said...

Wow...9 years! I'd not realized that it'd only happened 3 years before I'd moved here and met you. Hugs!

Keep forgetting to ask you...was the trip complete with a reunion with the book and the beloved bookmark? :) Hugs again and love you!

On wow, what Suz said reminds of how I sometimes think of C&J's dad...however, he's still with us. (And I'm so grateful that I can be appreciative of that...most ex-wives wouldn't.)