Saturday, March 31, 2012

Long Overdue Update

I've wanted to blog for awhile and have just not taken the time to do so. Today however is mainly a quiet day at home. No checks so can't pay bills yet (especially as the office computer is in use) and B and Dipstick are gone for the afternoon. Laundry is running, the TV is going and there is mountains of folded dry laundry around. It will get put away but I'm waiting until Squirrel is done packing for his trip this spring break with Campus Life. He leaves this evening. Tomorrow Dipstick leaves for TX to visit his sister. It will be his first time flying and he will fly alone. We will drive him to a major airport about 3 hours west of here. He will likely have to use his passport as a picture id since his state issued id has not arrived yet (and the mail has run today). I need to call the airline and double check that though. Possibly he could use something easier to replace.

I had intended on taking Dipstick to get his id this past Tuesday when the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles)was open late. However due to Squirrel's accident Monday night I was at the doctor's office with him again Tuesday. B worked late so he was unable to take him either. I had forgotten however that one could no longer walk into the BMV and walk out with an ID or Driver's License. So...we will see what happens.

Squirrel's accident...ended up being relatively minor. He was out running Monday afternoon like he does more often than not. He looked both ways and went to cross a main state highway. Unfortunately he missed seeing a car until it was too late. The car ran over his foot. But it required an ER visit, an ambulance waiting with him until I was able to get there and plenty of stress. My boss radioed me and asked when I got done with bus route and if I was able to come down to the town where the high school is. I said "yes..." with a great deal of hesitation in my voice. (Several bus drivers commented on that later that night and the next day). I finished my bus route - all the while wondering which parent was so upset with me that I would have to go to the bus shop and if I would have a job after. Never did it cross my mind that something had happened to Squirrel. He told me later that my boss and he were talking about when to tell me - and that they had agreed together to wait until after my bus route was finished. Wise choice on their part I have to admit. No broken bones at all. Tuesday the family doctor said it was sprained and he should be on crutches for a week. He used the crutches up to today but left them behind for his trip. I'm hoping and praying that's not a bad decision.

Later I was thinking about him - God's hand of protection was on him in a big way again this time. The car could have hit him much harder and more directly rather than being able to swerve so it only got his foot. He could have had broken bones rather than a sprain and bruises. Then I got to thinking about all the times he's been injured or sick and how it's clear that God's hand is on him. At 6 months old he got staph in his leg and was not expected to be able to walk properly at all - he not only walks but he runs and he runs competitively. In 7th grade he passed out and went headfirst off a stage - yes as a result he's deaf in one ear. BUT again it could have been much much worse. He's compensated for that and is singing in a very "elite" choir. Then this week he gets hit by a car...'nuff said.

Anyway...he did get to go down and spend Thursday night and Friday with his brother at IWU. He attended classes with him and then went to a concert with him. Got home about midnight last night. He said his favorites were theology and New Testament - he took a theology test. Don't know yet how he did.

Spring has really sprung here. Daffodils are up as are tulips. Allergies are also in full swing. On that note...I'm getting really tired and have about 6 hours round trip driving to do tomorrow. So guess I will close for now.


Suz said...

It's a miracle! She does blog! Gee, lately I have been blogging more than you! That is nuts! :-)

Thanks for the update! Do something for yourself this week since you are childless...well, except for that big child we call a hubby!

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