Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday and I'm only sortof watching the game. I have no understanding of football at all. Rugby yes, soccer yes, basketball yes...No desire to understand football. Squirrel is required to watch it as a homework assignment - I think that's funny.

This morning was incredibly beautiful - freezing fog that burned off quickly once the sun came out. Weather has been crazy - yesterday morning we got up to close to 6 inches of snow. Now it's mostly melted. Anyway I got around early this morning and went out to take pictures. Spent probably 45 minutes and could have gladly kept going. Had to stop taking pictures so I could get to church. Was still 10 minutes late. I have decided I will need to take my camera in - got some spots on the lens that I can't get off. But got a couple of really good shots I think.

Today was a fairly quiet day - nice after the last two hectic very long days. Friday we had a two hour delay then I did a parts run then we went out to supper with an old friend of B's. That turned into a very enjoyable evening - they have spent time on the mission field so hearing their story and some of their experiences was awesome.

Saturday was a long day. Squirrel got me up early (earlier than I'd intended on getting up) as it was snowing heavily and he had to be in the city by 8:20 for his competition. We left the house 20 min or so earlier than planned, met another student who needed a ride 15 min later than planned and made our slow way east. The only plowed road was the main east/west highway and it was not well plowed. The back roads were deep snow - when we got to the city and stopped for gas I noticed that the back wheels were still packed with snow around the hub cap. It alternately snowed heavily, sleeted some, changed over to rain and eventually the sun came out.

Squirrel and his fellow students did very well. They are now going to the state competition in Indy in 2 weeks. The plan is to take a big bus which I will hopefully get to drive. Anyway we finished up there about 3 pm and headed back home. B and I had been invited on a double date with S & C to go to the RV show and then to supper. Basically I dumped Squirrel off at home, B jumped in the car and we went to meet them. The RV show was amazing - not someplace I would want to go on an annual basis but for someone who'd never been it was fun. There were RV's of all shapes and sizes - both tow behinds as well as self driven ones. Some had bunk-houses and multiple slide-outs, some were pop-up tent type things - a few were meant to literally live in for several months. Probably the most amazing one to me had a full size tv mounted on the outside. Nice features on some of them were kitchenette things built into the base of the camper - complete with grill/cooktops and fridges. This of course was in addition to the regular inside kitchen area. I did see a small size, drive yourself camper that I would love to use to take vacations with B. It was even what I would consider reasonably affordable - especially as compared to the other larger ones. We probably were there an hour and a half before we left for supper. The wait at the restaurant was still close to an hour - thankfully we were able to call ahead and get our names on the wait list. Anyway...B, S and I all ordered steak meals. Mine and B's were overcooked, S's was perfect. The waitress looked at S's and ordered her another one thinking hers was overdone. I sent mine back and B was eventually convinced to allow the manager to get him another steak to go. We ended up with 3 extra meals to go. In addition to that the manager completely comped our entire meal. None of us had asked for that - or really expected it. Needless to say we left thankful and laughing. Writing it does not do justice to the experience - think laughter until you cried and gasped for air.

Better close for now.


Linds said...

Oh Edith - the photos are absolutely beautiful! The mist and greyness makes it look magical. It is foggy and icy here today - the snow has not disappeared yet, and so I suspect the paths will be lethal.
Great you got extra free meals! It would help if they got it right in the first place, wouldn't it! And an RV....that sounds good. I have a vague dream of a small one, but maybe that will stay a dream. I remember being at a camp site once (in a tent), and a huge Winnebago appeared next to us. Now that had my eyes popping out. Armchairs to drive in, satellite dish, towing a small car. Right. I have no idea how it fitted down English lanes!!

Suz said...

Oh Edith! You forgot about "Help, I'm stuck in the cul-de-sac and I can't get out!" Wow! Did we ever laugh until we cried! My tummy still hurt on Sunday afternoon! Wonderful times! Thank you! And it may have been a hassle, but I really enjoyed that second steak on Sunday for lunch! Thank you SO much for being willing to do spur of the moment fun!

Edith said...

That's ok...I didn't mention the round-about that we went around "backwards!" twice. That had the three of you howling...and me slowly figuring out I was in the wrong country. More red-faced laughter.