Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Delay...Slide-off...Winter weather

Roads are snow-covered this morning as are trees and bushes. Snow has stopped coming down now but we are supposed to get freezing rain later. I'm not looking forward to that. Hoping it holds off until tonight anyway. We had no school delay this morning though Dipstick did. Squirrel and I took off a little later than we should have for bus route but I drove slow. Didn't matter though as I spun out on the first "main" road we came to. It had not been plowed but was well packed. I wasn't going real fast but got too far off to the right side of the road and fish-tailed when I came back on. No damage done and we were able to back out and get going on to work. The miracle was that I didn't hit either of the two vehicles that were coming towards me.
By the end of bus route I was running a good ten minutes behind. At least though I didn't get stuck anywhere. One of our other drivers did - she was eventually able to get out without being towed but it took awhile. It's right at freezing though.

I was originally scheduled to have Bible study with a friend this morning followed by a trip south to see Stretch. However between the roads and my having a cold both those events were canceled. Instead I came home and have puttered around since - done some laundry, loaded the dishwasher, tried to take a nap. The nap didn't work as congestion is making it hard to breathe.

B took off about 9:30 to take a clutch into the "city". That's something I would normally do for him if I was around. Thankful not to be today though. I've got some phone calls to make and plenty of other things to accomplish today.

Yesterday morning was beautiful - clear, no snow or fog. The moon on the way to the bus looked like it had broken in half - split by a jet contrail. It was an interesting perspective and I really wished I had time to stop and try to get a picture. However as I only had my phone with me and we were not any too early I didn't. I saw several deer also - the first four were barely visible as the sun was not up too far and they were fairly far off the road. However the second group was a group of 10 or 12 deer near the main highway. I had just finished my last out of town stop and was waiting to turn right when we saw them. They of course took off running but it was really neat to see them. The sun was an orangish-red as it came up.

The birds are very busy at the feeders today - mainly goldfinches. I've seen one chickadee though and a few other types of finches. Would like to also attract some cardinals as their brilliant red really brightens things up. Would be nice to have some woodpeckers as well. Will eventually need to get a couple more feeders but that will have to wait a bit. Am dreaming about what flowers and bushes to plant that will attract more. B is even appreciating the antics of the birds.

Guess that's enough rambling for now.

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