Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful List

In list style things I'm thankful for:

• My “new” husband who has been sleeping through the night and staying awake all day since he got his new Bipap machine. He admits to feeling so much better now that he is really getting sleep.
• My handsome boys – all 3 of them.
• Stretch’s healing in his leg – his strong witness during the whole thing, his passion for God, his enjoyment of school – and that he is home this weekend!
• Squirrel – I have seen so much growth in him – spiritually and emotionally as well as physically. He’s stepped up to be a helper since his brother has left for college. He is a dependable friend and son – gets his chores done without complaint and often goes above and beyond. He also has a great sense of humor.
• Dipstick – He is doing so much better in school this year. That is a huge blessing. He actually enjoys it mostly. I am thankful that the doing better in school means he gets to enjoy more privileges. I am thankful for how quickly he has adjusted to wearing glasses all the time and how much better he sees.
• My Mom and Dad – that we still have Mom and that she is able to say things to Dad like “I’m so glad you are here”. I am also especially thankful that Dad was not more seriously injured in the car accident he suffered the other night – and that the accident was ruled totally NOT his fault.
• My sister Karen who spends so much time and energy helping Dad out and making sure both get the care they need. I am also thankful for our close friendship – something we did not have as children as we were too competitive.
• My brothers – even though I don’t have as much contact with them
• My home
• Sunshine
• Extended family – and especially how accepting Hubby’s family have been of me
• My job – the kids on my school bus – even when they make me nuts
• Jesus Christ and the greatest Gift He gave me – that of salvation

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Karen said...

I tried to post a comment last week when I was at Dad's. It didn't post.

Anyway, I wanted to say, I'm thankful for my sister, and all my siblings and spouses. So glad we are sisters and brothers in the Lord too.