Thursday, November 10, 2011

A beautiful morning and other ramblings

Cold this morning when I went out for bus route - just at freezing. But oh so pretty. The moon was full - a golden reddish orb low in the western sky. The eastern sky was just lighting up - no major red streaks but glowing across the fields. Most are harvested, with dried corn standing in others. A few have winter wheat growing bright green. I saw 4 deer this morning - 1, possibly 2 bucks and 2 does. So cool to see them running across the road just in front of the bus...stopping to look back to see if they should be concerned about the big "monster" before they took off for the woods.

The furnace is going...I need to add wood before I head for town. Water is running in the washer doing yet another load of towels, socks, etc. A clock is ticking quietly and the fan is running in one of the computers. Then there is the clicking of the keys as I type.

I just finished coffee with some cocoa powder mixed in. It requires a bit more sugar than normal but I'm really enjoying the taste combination. Had some toast with peanut butter and honey to go with it. Soon I will get around and head to town. The chickens are out of feed and Squirrel needs some jeans. He wore shorts to school again! In addition I need to make eye appointments for Dipstick and B as both need glasses. Those few things will take most of the rest of the time between now and bus route. Hopefully this evening I will get back to doing something creative daily. I've been slacking off and not disciplining myself to do so. Part of that is that I'm fighting the annual fall bronchitis/sinus junk and just don't have the energy. And I've been staying ready to go run boys though I haven't had to. I've also just been spending my evenings reading, which will enjoyable is not accomplishing creatively.

OK...better scoot for's getting late and before I know it I will be out of time.