Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Short Update & Questions

This will be short...I was perusing blogs and websites hoping for inspiration when I realized I have to leave for work early this afternoon. I have not been getting along with buses this week...and end of last. First my turn signal lever thingy broken in the middle of route (Friday afternoon), Monday morning my bus would not start. Today my spare bus started and ran well until I was empty at the middle school - then it started almost knocking and spewing out blue smoke. So that bus is now in the shop and I have to go back to the shop to pick up my regular route bus (from Friday afternoon/Monday morning) which is supposed to be done by route time this afternoon. The turn signal lever thingy is fixed, worn brakes are replaced, muffler is replaced...hopefully we will be good for awhile.

The Christmas tree is up and mostly decorated - to the point that lights and ornaments are on. Still have Stretch's ornaments to put on - that is waiting on his arrival home from college. Won't be long until we need a smaller tree simply because I'm too short. It would not be done if not for Squirrel's assistance stringing lights and Dipsticks replacing blown bulbs. Some of the shopping is done. No wrapping is done.

I've been pondering the last few days what makes a true friend? Is it time spent together, phone calls, having hobbies or life events in common? What causes a friendship to fade away or be broken? How much does age have to do with lasting friendships?

Some of these questions come from friendships that have totally blown to pieces over the last few years - one with a woman who was a believer in Christ and one who was likely not. Other than those differences these two ladies were rather similar - neither seemed to be happy unless they could drag the people around them down to join their level...unless there was chaos surrounding them. Some of these questions come from emotions I'm feeling now and questions a third friend has asked me repeatedly about herself.



Linds said...

I said a little on FBK re friends, Edith, and from the sounds of things the ones around are not what I would class as true friends, but I am not you and not there, of course. Then there are friends who seem to suck the lifeblood out of you at times - they are to be avoided gently. And others who use you. Or put you down. Sigh. I just automatically like everyone and then get nasty surprises at times. Oh well. The tried and true ones stick like glue! And I tend to find that they are the people who go through life with the attitude that life is not all about them. They have a spirit of friendship and want to reach out.
About your bus. I am seriously surprised that you already need new brakes. Surely they are serviced and checked before the school starts every summer? I would have thought that that was mandatory. We have MOT tests here every year and if your vehicle fails it is off the road until fixed, and the test for transport for children is even more strict. I just want you to be safe, my friend!

Edith said...

Linds...thanks so much for your comments here and on FB. I am struggling at the moment...feeling very alone. I tend to also automatically like everyone and end up with those surprises at times also. I've found that friendship takes time if one wants a "deep" friendship. I wonder how much of our tendency to "like everyone" is a result of our time spent in other cultures. Love that the tried and true ones stick like glue - that comment resonates with me as well as the attitude those people have.

As far as the bus goes - it went through the safety inspection last March. They have been scheduling those year round so summers aren't so difficult for the inspection teams. It is serviced regularly but not with a indepth break check. I asked them to check them...that's when the problem was found.

Linds said...

I am just glad you asked them to check and are safe on the roads. You drive in foul weather. We need you to be safe.
Yes, I wonder if you have a point about liking everyone because of our diverse childhoods, but then i think it has a great deal to do with if you have a positive or negative outlook. I also think we have both been through some pretty traumatic times, and treasure good friends more perhaps as a result. Remember when Geoff died, I talked about how some friends stepped forward, and others back? The season for those friendships was over, it seems. Just hang in there, my friend.

Linds said...

And remember - you still have us! Me!