Wednesday, February 2, 2011


* 3rd snow day in a row for tomorrow
* At least 10 inches over the last 2 days - not counting the ice
* Still under a Level 1 Snow Emergency until 7 am tomorrow morning
* Planning to go sledding tomorrow - once snow emergency levels have been lifted
* Hubby is ready for boys to go back to school
* 2 of 3 boys are ready to go back to school

* Hubby and Stretch are both recovering (recovered) from the sinus infection/flu/bronchitis
* No one else has it - yet
* Waking up with a blinding headache means one does not accomplish much
* Copious amounts of coffee, water and pain meds helped
* Tomorrow I will not sleep so late in hopes I don't wake up with a headache

* Have realized I am an "out of sight, out of mind" person in regards to my craft supplies
* Have recently found some neat stack-able bins that will hold my rubber stamps so I can see them all at a glance
* I need some more of said bins
* And more shelves
* Or less hobbies
* Scanning slides has not happened in a couple of weeks - not as interesting when I can't identify the people and places. All I know is they are related to Mom

* Boys taught me the computer game "Mahjong" and it is very addictive
* It is also fun

* We have eaten through a batch of peanut butter cookies and have a double batch of another kind to bake
* Baking is a comforting thing to do when one can't go anywhere due to snow
* This is an exceedingly random blog post BUT at least it's a post
* I have not kept up on reading blogs...


Linds said...

I shrieked with laughter half way through because I could have written this too. I didn't laugh at the headache though! Out of sight....oh yes, and the bit re the boxes and then needing to get some. Well. I think we are twins separted at birth.

Edith said...

Love the idea of twins separated at birth. :) Made me smile.