Friday, February 11, 2011


Squirrel is ill now...I got a call from the school yesterday to come pick him up. That is the first time since we lived in OK that I've had to pick him up during the day I think. Even then it wasn't because he'd gone to the nurse - it was usually because he'd tossed his cookies. Usually if he makes it to school he is there all day. He is running fever and fighting a headache and sinus junk.

I am off this afternoon - attending a funeral with B. It will be rough on B and Dipstick both. Stretch will meet us there...and then return to school immediately after for play practice.

Speaking of play (musical) practice there is apparently a huge uproar over one of the students who did not get a part. She has had parts in the past but this year they are afraid she would get hurt during set changes. (She is special needs and requires an aide with her most of the time - as well as being a senior) Of course the people who don't like the school system are really all over this. I feel sorry for the other kids involved...and sad for Stretch and the girl who has the lead female role. Not sure how to phrase my feelings beyond that.

We still have snow on the ground - I am loving it though not the bitter cold that we've also had. My feeling basically is that deep snow (2ft+) on the ground for an extended period of time is what winter is supposed to be like. And I've felt all along that if it is supposed to be winter and is cold we might as well have snow on the ground.

On a different note...I am learning once again that most humans have a tendency to go back and prod a hurt spot simply to see if it is still sore. I know I certainly do. Without saying too much...I've lost a friendship that I worked hard to keep strong. I made some mistakes in the relationship - especially when the other party involved started working for my husband. However I attempted to keep the work relationship separate from the friendship and to discuss stuff in an adult manor. But she has said some stuff that imply an intimacy with my husband that is not acceptable. Prayers would be appreciated.


Linds said...

I am praying as I speak, Edith. Not good. Some times - remember friends for a reason, season or lifetime? Hmmm. The season could well be over. Just stay calm and as lovely as you are.
I can't wait for spring and some warm weather, but I agree - I prefer cold and crisp snow to rain and drizzle and greyness. Winter = snow.
And I hope your boy is better soon!
Have a lovely weekend, and try to reat and relax a little!

The Mother to Chaos said...

OHHH! I'm SO sorry! What a bad day! Sending lots of hugs, love, and prayers! Call me if you need to vent or just hear a voice of someone who would never turn their back on you! (And if B needs other help at the shop, let me know.)