Thursday, January 13, 2011


Been a week or so since I've written. The most major news since then is that this past Tuesday Mom was transferred to a nursing home. She was transferred on her birthday - apparently has a nice big room where she can see down the hall with plenty of space for pictures and a few plants. However she apparently left the hospital with a bug of some kind and hasn't been doing excellently since. I will be calling Dad tonight to get more of an update.

We've got snow on the ground again. Had a snow day yesterday - probably got 4-6 inches on Tuesday when it snowed all day. We got a bit more this morning - the big fluffy flakes that I think are so pretty and that add up quite a bit faster. But no delays this morning even though the roads were still fairly slick.

Yesterday morning we got the house picked up and the Christmas tree down. After lunch the boys all went to Suz's to sled and I napped. After I napped I worked for awhile scanning slides into the computer. I bought a new scanner - much more simple than my original one. This one has a tray with space for 4 slides. You slide the tray through and each one comes up on the computer individually. Then you take a "snapshot" of it and move on to the next one. Each one self-adjusts as far as lighting and color is concerned (before you do the snapshot). Then you can save it to a folder on your computer. I hope to get a couple of discs made to send to my sister next week - one for her to take to Dad and one for herself personally. Eventually there should be a collection of discs as there are several hundred slides at least.

My one resolve for this year is to try to use my time more wisely...especially those 5-10 min. snippets of time that one has daily. Whether that means I clean something that doesn't get cleaned often or start a blog entry or read a devotional or whatever...rather than just playing computer games when I don't have time to do anything else. So...we will see how that goes.

It's getting late so I'd better scoot and get supper dishes loaded into dishwasher. Hoping to at least be able to crawl into bed earlier than normal tonight. Last night was a late night - we had Lil Bit for the evening as her mom's classes started back up.

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