Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday doings...

3rd load of laundry in washer, 2nd load in dryer, 1st waiting to be folded. Previously clean laundry mostly folded and put away. Dishwasher has run and is now cooling to be ready to empty, reload and run again. I am now sitting down to 3rd cup of coffee...or is it 4th? Kitchen counters are tidied and wiped and Squirrel is working on a fresh batch of cookies. The headache that drove me out of bed this morning shortly after 6:30 has eased to a dull pounding instead of blinding pain. Hopefully by date time tonight it will be still less. In the meantime I will push fluids and coffee and we will see.

Last night I went with Squirrel to the 2nd Annual Middle School talent show...there is some amazing talent in our middle school. I thoroughly enjoyed it...those kids have guts. Some you could tell were really nervous but for a first time like that they did great. Driving home was not as bad as I expected - it had been precipitating since mid-afternoon so I was a little concerned. I did slide past a turn or two but nothing really major even though we were among the last to leave due to him being on the "clean-up crew". Dipstick stayed home with B...he's still having issues with his grades and getting homework turned in on time. Stretch was at the high school basketball game - he got home later than Squirrel and I did.

Other than that...things are going along pretty well. Mom is still in the hospital waiting on a nursing home placement.

Better go for is almost finished and it's time I got started on lunch. Still need to find a movie to go to tonight...or something fun for a date.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Irreparable damage in the frontal lobe...nothing further can be regained now. Now to find a nursing home that will accept her - a challenge with the damage sustained. There's many many questions going through my mind...could this have been prevented? Should or could it have been caught sooner? What triggered the immune response that caused the damage? Is this something that can be inherited? I'm sure there's more but right now those are top...and I don't know if there are answers.

I think I'm kind of numb...but not really surprised. Just wish I lived closer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sitting here at the computer having my second cup of coffee...thinking I will probably need to make another pot. We were released from school early yesterday due to weather and are on a snow day today...Dipstick is on his second snow day in a row. He spent a good part of yesterday getting his unfinished homework done and is now in the shop with the other boys helping B.

The snow seems to be moving out of the area - clouds are lifting and the day is getting brighter. We probably got at least 5-6 inches in the last 24 hours with the possibility of another 1-3 today along with lots of blowing and drifting. Roads are definitely bad though we see trucks "flying" past here if they go past at all. One certainly can't put on tennis shoes and walk out to the shop though...unless one wants wet feet.

On my agenda for today is some basic housecleaning, laundry and working on shop books and medical bills. Additionally since it is a snow day I really want to get the Christmas tree sister is amused that it's not down yet but I confess to having had other things on my mind. I plan to have Squirrel help me with that later today.

As far as Squirrel's cardiology appointment went...I was very pleased. The doctor spent a long time talking with us and explaining things that had to be ruled out and why. Bottom line is that there is nothing major, life threatening wrong with his heart or in his brain. Basically the rapid growth spurt he's had since last August has caused the mechanism that controls his blood pressure to not work totally correctly and he had a common fainting spell. (Technical name is neurocardiogenic syncope). It is more common in girls than boys...nothing my family does can be simple apparently. Most people with it outgrow it by the time they are 19 and treatment is usually as simple as increasing fluid and salt intake. For Squirrel this means carrying a water bottle at all time - including while at school which requires a doctor's note - and salt tablets as he does not like to add salt to his food. We do still have to have a tilt table test to confirm the diagnosis and provide background if medication is ultimately needed. I don't expect we will need to add medication because he's had no other episodes since that one. Again...while it's sad that we are left with long term damage from that one episode things could have been much worse and I'm thankful that's all we have to deal with. God has a plan even when we don't see it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Been back from Ontario since a week ago today...had lots to process. Found myself fighting tears at odd times throughout the week...usually over stuff having nothing to do with our trip to Ontario. I'm so glad that the boys and I was absolutely wonderful to see all my siblings together for just a few minutes..and to be able to get a picture. I need to remember to get it onto a disc at one of the big box stores so I can put it on the well as get copies. Traveling went well...except we got "randomly selected" for a more extended border crossing investigation. At least the roads were good and we didn't have major snow to deal with either way. Seeing Mom was definitely difficult...leaving for me was even more difficult though I know she doesn't remember. We have a new diagnosis...BetaAmyloid Primary Associated Cerebral Angiitis ....not cancer though treatment options are not really any better. And it's only treatable. Having said that...she is responding to treatment at this point in time. Unfortunately she is still not able to be cared for at home...and whether or not that time will come is questionable.

Squirrel...we had his follow-up ENT appointment on the 26th. All the hearing tests were redone as was an additional one. It was a long day - and he missed school the entire day which was not fun. The outcome was that barring a miracle the hearing loss is permanent and the doctor did not really seem optimistic about a hearing aid being of any assistance. Being as what he described required surgery to install a titanium plate in his skull we are not pursuing that option. Today we see a pediatric cardiologist to see if there were any heart related reasons for his passing out. I don't want to keep hauling him to doctors but at the same time I feel that if there is a medical reason it happened we need to know so we can hopefully prevent future episodes.

We ended up having 2 snow days last month - not for snow but for ice. I was very thankful for the second one - on the 22nd - I had been in the "city" Thursday night with Dipstick and really could feel the ice on the roads coming home. We had 2 times of sliding - the second was very scary as I thought for sure I was going to lose complete control. Much urgent praying was done under my breath - especially after I realized there was already a car off in the field.

Stretch is doing fine just very busy with choir and another play. There will be just one performance of this play - written by a senior so a once-in-a-lifetime chance. In two weeks choir will be participating at the state level in a music contest as an ensemble.

I'd better scoot....need to get dishwasher loaded and some picking up done before I have to run again. (I was going to add a picture this time but can't remember how to get it up...sorry)