Monday, February 8, 2010

Been back from Ontario since a week ago today...had lots to process. Found myself fighting tears at odd times throughout the week...usually over stuff having nothing to do with our trip to Ontario. I'm so glad that the boys and I was absolutely wonderful to see all my siblings together for just a few minutes..and to be able to get a picture. I need to remember to get it onto a disc at one of the big box stores so I can put it on the well as get copies. Traveling went well...except we got "randomly selected" for a more extended border crossing investigation. At least the roads were good and we didn't have major snow to deal with either way. Seeing Mom was definitely difficult...leaving for me was even more difficult though I know she doesn't remember. We have a new diagnosis...BetaAmyloid Primary Associated Cerebral Angiitis ....not cancer though treatment options are not really any better. And it's only treatable. Having said that...she is responding to treatment at this point in time. Unfortunately she is still not able to be cared for at home...and whether or not that time will come is questionable.

Squirrel...we had his follow-up ENT appointment on the 26th. All the hearing tests were redone as was an additional one. It was a long day - and he missed school the entire day which was not fun. The outcome was that barring a miracle the hearing loss is permanent and the doctor did not really seem optimistic about a hearing aid being of any assistance. Being as what he described required surgery to install a titanium plate in his skull we are not pursuing that option. Today we see a pediatric cardiologist to see if there were any heart related reasons for his passing out. I don't want to keep hauling him to doctors but at the same time I feel that if there is a medical reason it happened we need to know so we can hopefully prevent future episodes.

We ended up having 2 snow days last month - not for snow but for ice. I was very thankful for the second one - on the 22nd - I had been in the "city" Thursday night with Dipstick and really could feel the ice on the roads coming home. We had 2 times of sliding - the second was very scary as I thought for sure I was going to lose complete control. Much urgent praying was done under my breath - especially after I realized there was already a car off in the field.

Stretch is doing fine just very busy with choir and another play. There will be just one performance of this play - written by a senior so a once-in-a-lifetime chance. In two weeks choir will be participating at the state level in a music contest as an ensemble.

I'd better scoot....need to get dishwasher loaded and some picking up done before I have to run again. (I was going to add a picture this time but can't remember how to get it up...sorry)

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Mary said...

Hoping that you remember to look after yourself during these hectic and stressful days. Talking of dishwashers. I am a little envious - ;) There is a space for one in the new home we are renting - I am tempted - I really am!