Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sitting here at the computer having my second cup of coffee...thinking I will probably need to make another pot. We were released from school early yesterday due to weather and are on a snow day today...Dipstick is on his second snow day in a row. He spent a good part of yesterday getting his unfinished homework done and is now in the shop with the other boys helping B.

The snow seems to be moving out of the area - clouds are lifting and the day is getting brighter. We probably got at least 5-6 inches in the last 24 hours with the possibility of another 1-3 today along with lots of blowing and drifting. Roads are definitely bad though we see trucks "flying" past here if they go past at all. One certainly can't put on tennis shoes and walk out to the shop though...unless one wants wet feet.

On my agenda for today is some basic housecleaning, laundry and working on shop books and medical bills. Additionally since it is a snow day I really want to get the Christmas tree sister is amused that it's not down yet but I confess to having had other things on my mind. I plan to have Squirrel help me with that later today.

As far as Squirrel's cardiology appointment went...I was very pleased. The doctor spent a long time talking with us and explaining things that had to be ruled out and why. Bottom line is that there is nothing major, life threatening wrong with his heart or in his brain. Basically the rapid growth spurt he's had since last August has caused the mechanism that controls his blood pressure to not work totally correctly and he had a common fainting spell. (Technical name is neurocardiogenic syncope). It is more common in girls than boys...nothing my family does can be simple apparently. Most people with it outgrow it by the time they are 19 and treatment is usually as simple as increasing fluid and salt intake. For Squirrel this means carrying a water bottle at all time - including while at school which requires a doctor's note - and salt tablets as he does not like to add salt to his food. We do still have to have a tilt table test to confirm the diagnosis and provide background if medication is ultimately needed. I don't expect we will need to add medication because he's had no other episodes since that one. Again...while it's sad that we are left with long term damage from that one episode things could have been much worse and I'm thankful that's all we have to deal with. God has a plan even when we don't see it.

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