Friday, February 19, 2010

Irreparable damage in the frontal lobe...nothing further can be regained now. Now to find a nursing home that will accept her - a challenge with the damage sustained. There's many many questions going through my mind...could this have been prevented? Should or could it have been caught sooner? What triggered the immune response that caused the damage? Is this something that can be inherited? I'm sure there's more but right now those are top...and I don't know if there are answers.

I think I'm kind of numb...but not really surprised. Just wish I lived closer.

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Karen said...

I think the short answer is that the disease is so rare--most doctors have never even heard of it. They look for the obvious answers--Alzheimer's, cancer..

There are nursing homes that will take her--pray that a bed will open quickly in the best place for her.

As to whether it is hereditary--I don't know, but I think if it was, it wouldn't be so rare. Don't know if that is a scientific answer. Now that we know about it--we can be aware, and make others aware.

Our "times" are in His Hand.