Friday, July 2, 2010

Am currently getting an exercise machine set up in our bedroom. Stretch is afraid it won't get used...I have to prove him wrong. Dipstick is currently reading the instructions trying to figure out the cables. This piece was one of several machines that B purchased at the local town-wide garage sale this spring - since that time it's been residing on the front porch. However I now have a beautiful candle lantern that I would like to reside out there complete with a citronella candle for enjoying the evenings and the exercise equipment had to go. Squirrel and I will move the rest into the old shop for the time being.

Since i last's been almost a month. This summer is absolutely flying past and no major projects have been completed since then. Stretch leaves on Monday for his 3 week course at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). Squirrel and I are planning a trip to Chicago for a few days while he is gone. Dipstick will hopefully be heading to spend some time with his sister in early August - after the 4H fair and his next boy scout camping trip. B stays very busy in the shop - working long hours most days. We did get away for a mid-week vacation while the younger boys were at church camp.

Squirrel was baptized last Sunday - that was exciting.

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Leppard said...

I thought you might have been in Meg's class. Becky Erickson is my husband's sister. That is crazy that you found me through their blog:).