Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Home late last night from dropping Stretch off at IWU for the next 3 weeks. He was accepted to a Summer Scholars program down there and will be taking a World Civilization course. It's a very small group of students - less than 20 I think. He got a scholarship for the tuition...we just had to pay for his room and board. I'm sure he will have a lot of fun...But wow! Talk about the memories and the mixed emotions...Seeing his room for the next 3 weeks - way nicer than ours at RVA and he does not have a roommate as there are only 4 guys total in the program. But the dorm atmosphere.. .I'm guessing the closest comparison was...I can't remember the name of the dorm but it was the boys one at the end of the main rugby field (Upper?) overlooking Logonot. Seeing the other students and parents there - some of whom were obviously also dropping off their first-born and were apparently struggling more with it than I was - and at least one student who had flown in this morning from Virginia. Along with all the dorm "stuff" was the longing that never goes away totally for me to go back to school - to sit and listen to people who are smarter than me share their knowledge - I wished I could have taken notes from the professor who was at the reception who prayed.


Linds said...

It is a fantastic opportunity for him, Edith - he will have such a great time. I know about the longing to keep learning. Studying. When I was growing up, our neighbour, who had had 4 kids, and they were all at high school, decided to go back to universioty and do a course or 2 a year. Not to get a degree, but just to learn. For the simple joy of listening to people who are experts, telling their stories. She had a wonderful time. Maybe one day we can do that too.

Edith said...

I know he will...I'm having a hard time letting go though even though it's only temporary this time. Worrying about him getting enough sleep and all that. Probably my going out of town next week will help alot though.

widsith said...

It sounds from FB that he's having the time of his life, making friends, and learning lots. Good for him for getting that tuition!! :)

I share your thirst for knowledge, Edith. I'd be a career student if I could afford it!