Saturday, June 5, 2010

Home alone this morning...except for Squirrel who is still asleep. Stretch is off taking the SAT while Dipstick and B are out at a swap meet. I had considered driving down and getting more plants - petunias and perennials to put out. However I think I will leave that until I'm down that way early next week. Later today we have a wedding to attend so I'm going to enjoy the quiet while I have it.

We've been on summer break now since end of May. Our last day of school was May 27th...Dipsticks was June 3. Since Stretch, Squirrel and I got out we have cleaned out the old shop, the garage and started on going through the basement. It's been big jobs but thankfully not too hot.

The last few weeks of school were absolutely crazy...track meets,Prom, field trips, awards ceremonies, concerts...Am going to try to get some pictures up but am having computer issues so we will see.


Linds said...

You enjoy the peace while you can, Edith! It doesn't sound as if you are resting even though it is school holidays though!
Have a lovely weekend.

Leppard said...

Hey Edith. I saw your comment on my blog. Yes my maiden name was Hunter. How did you find my blog? :) You go to RVA?