Friday, April 16, 2010

A Word Picture and an Overdue Update

The sun...a glowing, orange-red orb peeking out before being covered by blue grey clouds. Later on my way home from bus route..The sun is again peeking through bathing farms, fields and trees with a golden glow while more blue grey storm clouds move in from the west. Now...early afternoon before heading back to my bus route...the rain has been gently falling for several hours. Birds are active at the bird feeders...someone once told me that means the rain will continue most of the day. The trees and bushes are budding out in brilliant shades of green...Spring has come.


It's been awhile since I've written and life has been as busy as normal if not more so. This is our first full week back from spring break - been a good week overall. Last night was Grief Group for Dipstick - that is the time that he and I travel to "the city" on a Thursday evening to spend time at a center for grieving children. There are adult groups but I'm not involved this time...did that when Stretch and Squirrel went through. I initially thought it would be a time for me to write/journal, read or create. Instead I'm making friends with a couple of other moms who bring their children and don't attend group themselves. We catch up on each others' lives and giggle like school girls. Last night was particularly funny...I had purchased a book and set of flash cards on American sign language so we opened it up and started working on the alphabet. What a hoot! We laughed so hard we cried. But I plan to take it back next time...and in the meantime driving home this morning I was working on my alphabet by memory. I used to know it a very long time ago and some seems to be coming back easily. Sign language is something that I remember having a longing to learn as a teen in Africa - the church we used to attend in OK had an interpreter for the services and I enjoyed watching them. I still love to watch someone sign during praise and worship time at church. So...all that to say...I'm going to pursue a half-faded dream and see what happens. I don't know why it calls to my heart but it does.

Yesterday was also Squirrel's first Academic Bowl Competition of the year. He is once again on the math team. I did not get to attend as I was with Dipstick. However his team placed 3rd out of 8 teams so I am proud of him. He blames himself for the 2 mistakes that were made - didn't go with his "gut". His next meet is on a Saturday and I will attend that one. Not sure I want to drive the bus though...we will see. Stretch went to the meet after his musical practice was over.

Wednesday I drove the first 7th grade field trip since Squirrel's accident at Christmas. This was much shorter and he had water with but I confess to still worrying a bit. Was really glad I was able to drive it even though we drivers did not participate in the career activities involved. After school he had his first track meet of the season - he did long jump and ran 3 events. I think his best event by far is the 1600meter race - ran that in just about 6 1/2 minutes. This one was at home so I was able to drive my bus route first - but it made for a long afternoon.

Over spring break Stretch and Dipstick stayed home and worked in the shop with B. Squirrel on the other hand rode with me to Ontario to visit Dad and Mom. We left on Monday and returned Wednesday night - it was short visit. However I'm glad we went. Mom seemed to know me most of the time - and had a fairly good idea who Squirrel was though she often mixed him up with my brother David. She was agitated on Wednesday morning. I really think that she needs more mental stimulation than she gets. PT refuses to work with her so everything that is stimulating is up to Dad and those who come to visit and volunteer to walk with her. She seems to love to play catch with stuffed animals and wants most everyone in the room involved while that is going on.

Friday of spring break Stretch and I made a college visit to IWU in Marion. We had a good drive down there and really enjoyed the time together as we don't get much one-on-one time anymore. IWU is one of the schools he is considering for college - expensive but most will be. And it is close enough for him to come home relatively often - or for us to visit him. Much will depend on the types and amounts of scholarships he can get. I have to believe that God will provide - as well as direct where he is to go.

The biggest thing that happened before spring break is that Stretch was inducted into the National Honor Society chapter at our high school...and he was elected vice-president of the chapter for next year. I am so pleased and excited for him.

I'd better scoot for now...this is probably enough of an update for now and it's getting to be time to head for bus route again. On the agenda for tonight is to watch Suz's kids - including the 4 month old baby and go to the grocery store. Additionally my two big projects are to plant stuff outside...and to catalog my craft supplies. Any suggestions on the later?

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