Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Stretch was accepted to the Summer Scholars Program at IWU. He gets a full tuition scholarship though we have to pay room and board. He will be away for 3 weeks - earning 3 college credits taking a course on World Civilization. He will participate in a ropes course, have some field trips and experience college life. I'm so proud of him...and at the same time...facing the fact that my oldest "baby" is spreading his wings to fly.

He is understandably excited.

He actually got the acceptance letter on Saturday...after just having the application mailed out on Wednesday.


Marilyn said...

WAHOO!!! Congratulations, Stretch!!

Mum2eight said...

Congratulations to Stretch.

Linds said...

Fantastic! No wonder you are so proud, Edith! Well done, Stretch!