Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Squirrel had his first cross country meet tonight - I drove the bus to it. Driving the bus was kind of fun as the team is just big enough to not be able to use a mini bus so no one was crowded at all. Squirrel mis-judged the difficulty of the course and ran out of steam before the end of the race. He still finished well and placed in the top 15 runners and now has goals for the next meet. I didn't take my camera this time as the weather was decidedly iffy as far as rain was concerned.

I'm still pretty tired tonight - in addition to the meet on Saturday we worked a hard day at the old house yesterday. We sealed the driveway and put down rocks to fill in the places we were unable to seal. We were all pretty whupped last night. Today was pretty much a begin to catch up day - I worked on laundry, did dishes and typed out my bus route for the sub this afternoon.

I'll try to write something more interesting tomorrow.

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