Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crowds of spectators, ropes and lines painted on grass telling which way to go, hundreds of different colored uniforms, the whistle and starting they go. Spectators running and walking to different vantage points on the course...watching the runners as they spread out over the distance...hearing the roar as the first runners are spotted coming around the first bend then the next and the next. The rush to the finish line...and the increasing crescendo of cheers and shouts as runners come in...some in a pack...some alone. The intensity on runners faces as they reach deep inside for that last burst of energy to finish strong...the excitement as they catch the runner ahead...that final sprint...Dogs on leashes,cameras, sweat dripping, mosquito bites, airplanes buzzing low overhead, friendly parents, snacks, tears, "Well done, Nice run"...Invitational Cross Country Meets.

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Marilyn said...

Wonderful picturesque writing - love the pics!