Friday, March 12, 2010

Can't remember the last day I did's running again this morning. Dishwasher will be running before I go back to work this afternoon. Doctor said sinus infection and infected tonsils! So now I'm on strong antibiotics hoping it will take care of it for good this time.

There's been lots I've wanted to write about this week though I probably won't remember it all. Dipstick finally has all his grades back up to passing and above...not just barely. That's a huge relief. Squirrel made it through his first choir concert without passing out this time. That was another huge relief...both for me and his choir director. I sat in the front row and watched him pretty much the entire time he was on stage. Stretch is busy as usual - preparing for the spring musical at the moment. I'm excited to see the high school perform it as it is one of my favorites of all time.

Spring is on the way...our circle of daffodils is coming up again already. I really would like to fill that entire circle in with early spring bulbs - but first have to get the daffodils thinned out and spaced in a bit better. Will probably mess with them after they are done blooming this year...just before we mow them off. Still have dreams to get spring flowering shrubs in as well as summer flowering ones. In all honesty I would really like to have flowers/shrubs, etc that bloom from early spring to late fall. I would also like to have a nice vegetable garden...we will see how things progress.

There is more to write but it's time I was away to swap laundry and load dishwasher, etc. Will try to comment on other blogs later.


Linds said...

It is all about grabbing moments when you can, isn't it! I love the spring bulbs popping up all over the place - can't wait for them to flower, and it is much later than usual this year because of the foul weather. I know just what you mean - I could do with shrubs which flower all year round too!

I hope the antibiotics fix you now, Edith, and I am so glad the boys are doing well!

Barbara said...

I am looking forward to spring as well. Hope you feel better. It's been a while since I have visited..been working on a blog facelift. Glad to be back in the swing and to see you posting. Have a blessed week!