Thursday, January 21, 2010

On a snow day canceled due to freezing rain. There is nothing here yet but apparently on the main east/west highway south of here it is lightly raining and freezing on contact. I am rather glad I don't have to try to drive the bus in this...even though on my route it isn't likely to be too bad yet. It's the southern routes in the district that are bad.

Updates...Not really sure where to start so this will likely be rambling. Mom is still in the hospital...she has been diagnosed with Primary Lymphoma of the brain. Basically it started in the brain and as of now has not spread outside the brain. Chemo is hopefully going to be started yet this week...

Squirrel is doing pretty much the same with his hearing. The ENT had lots of tests done right there in the office - that was nice. At one point Squirrel looked at me and said "I think I failed Mom" - which pretty much was true as far as hearing stuff went. ENT said that he didn't have much hearing at all in that ear and wanted to try a course of steroids. If they helped then it would probably come back...if they didn't it likely would not. So...we have done the steroids and are scheduled to go back for more testing on the 26th and will get results the same day. I am not expecting any new news...and he is compensating very well.

B and Dipstick's passports arrived yesterday in the mail. So now if a trip north needs to be made that involves all of us it can be done.

Better scoot for now and try to get some stuff around the house done...Will try to do a sooner update - especially since I've taken some fun pictures recently.


Apple said...

I'm so sorry that you have so much weighing on you. I hope things start looking up soon.

Marilyn said...

Your family is being covered in prayer here.