Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! May 2010 be a year of growth and blessing to all.

This morning we have snow coming down...counties directly west and north of us are expected to have 8-12 inches last I checked so we will certainly get some. I confess I am rather hoping for more than theory is that if it's going to be cold there ought to be snow on the ground.

The plan for this afternoon is to go pick up the first parts of the Hot Rod to be. We are starting with the body - a 38 Chevy pick-up. I have no good idea of what it will look like when we are finished but am thinking the process will be fun. I know that I always enjoy looking at finished ones more when there are pictures of where and what it came from so pictures there will be and maybe eventually an album with the pictures in them.

Dipstick today is picking up marshmallows from the marshmallow wars that were had here last night...Stretch got to enjoy playing games with the adults. Squirrel wasn't feeling overly well so he spent the evening in bed sleeping...he's likely in the best shape today as far as sleep is concerned. We had friends over...Suz, C and their 4 kids as well as another family with a couple of boys. I got to hold a 3 week old baby for much of the evening...and Stretch got diaper changing experience. Overall we had a good evening. It was close to 2:00 am before B and I got to bed though.

Squirrel and Stretch are both looking forward to going back to school next week. There will continue to be adjustments for Squirrel as he will still have some doctors appointments to face and learning to watch people when they talk. He is still having issues with no hearing in his left ear...we are hoping that it will eventually return but don't know at all. Dipstick is not looking forward to returning to school quite as much...he would usually rather be out working in the shop than in class.

Speaking of working in the shop...B is now officially self-employed. He was called back to do 5 engines at his old place of employment with no guarantees as to how long he would be there before being laid off again. So he said thanks but no thanks. I am confident that his place here is the best for him but it's still scary at times. We will definitely be learning new things and relearning others...trusting God to provide.

On that note...I'm stopping for now...trying to get pictures to load onto the computer and will post goals for 2010 another time.


Marilyn said...

Happy New Year to you, B, and the boys!! Grandpa is still here but will be leaving tomorrow taking 2 days to go home. Can't wait to see the restoration! We love going to antique car shows and seeing how the past is being preserved! Of course, we remember when the cars were new, so does that make us antiques ;-)???

Linds said...

Happy New Year, Edith! May 2010 bring the resources we need to face any challenges with a grin!