Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Days Again

Busy busy busy...We are a full week into school and overall it's going fairly well. I can tell the students are getting much more comfortable with the bus and the school year as I'm having to spend more time at my RR crossings waiting on them to get quiet. High priority needs to be getting my seating chart done and posted. Problem is that while I love the results of having a seating chart...especially when I can use magnets to post the names - I hate drawing it up. Oh well I will get it done...earlier this year than I did last year.

I have the same route basically as I did last year. That's a huge yeah...made the morning route really easy - no new roads and most of the new kids were in town. My first pick-up was terrified to be riding the bus - she climbed on clutching her older sister's hand. Her mom and dad followed the bus the entire route and met her at school to escort her into the building. This afternoon going home I got a goodbye wave and an agreement that she'd see me in the morning. Now a week later she is doing much better. She is still afraid to walk to her classroom alone...and couldn't find my bus by herself this afternoon. However she is willing to walk with one of my older students into the building and to class. That's an improvement and a sign of growth. And I'm getting a real wave and smile when she gets off the bus in the evenings.

Today was Dipstick's first day of school for the year...the joys of juggling two different school schedules. He was kind of a mess this morning but hopefully had a good day. B left a few minutes ago to go get him from football practice...something new for all of us. (Squirrel and Stretch are doing cross country again this fall).

I'm sure there's plenty more to write about but in all honesty I'm tired tonight and my thoughts are scattered. The good news is that Stretch is feeling MUCH better than he was yesterday - I had him into the after hours clinic last night and he's on antibiotics for possible MRSA. Judging from the rapid response of his body they are doing their job thankfully.

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Linds said...

It seems strange to think schools are back already - in the UK the kids start their summer holidays so much later. Towards the end of uly. Then they go back early September. I am so glad for you that you have the same route and it is easy to slot back into your routine. I love the fact that you are concerned about the little one too!
I hope your boy is back to normal soon!
YODELAYHEEHOO!!!!! ( I am in the Alps so I have to yodel, don't I??)