Thursday, July 16, 2009

Decidedly discombobulated this morning...No Lil Bit (new nickname for Baby) today - her dad Ornery got laid off yesterday afternoon. I slept in until 7:30 - was soundly asleep when B woke me telling me Squirrel wanted to be at TKD by 8:00. I left with no coffee and no food at all...dropped him off and went to my coffee friend's house to visit and eat. B called just as I was about to leave there to tell me that our builder Bob (Yes we had Bob the Builder doing our addition) was at the house finishing up stuff so we could pass final inspection and we needed another smoke alarm. That necessitated a run to the nearest larger town west of here to get that and some stuff for my chickens then home to start dinner (mid-day meal). Being as you can't make a watched pot boil I'm attempting to relax and get my head screwed on straight. This afternoon basically it's a bit more running and book-keeping to be done.

One thing that's been made abundantly clear over the last couple of days is that mice...even "cute little field mice" make me climb on things. When Squirrel and I went to mow the other place there was a mouse nest in the JD mower - complete with very new-born baby mice...including one the mama was attempting to deliver as she ran frantically around trying to escape the monsters. We left...until the mouse nest had been removed and I was certain that the mouse was also gone. The mowing did eventually get done...but I was still rather jumpy.

Time to go for lunch...

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