Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4H Fair

Well I haven't written as often as I'd have liked recently...still haven't gotten to that promised reunion update. The local 4H County Fair has been going on since last Friday...I've been up at the fairgrounds every day and late into the evenings...and that's without any animals to care for. In between it's just normal life and preparing to head to Ontario to visit Mom and Dad next week. I can't at the moment remember how to upload photos so that will have to wait until the boys get back from running. Today will be another day of catching up around home and preparing for our trip. B and Dipstick won't be going this time as they've not got their passports yet.

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The Mother to Chaos said...

Sorry, I know...not post-related, but oh well. :) No word on who Lizzie's driver will be other than knowing that she is "permanently" on the special needs bus. Hopefully with Darrel and don't see why they'd change it now. The whole school corp knows of Lizzie (lol!) and I'm sure they wouldn't dare try to stick her on someone else's bus. :P