Tuesday, December 16, 2008


How fast to push a child is the question...Stretch drove to school this morning as he had to run the sound equipment for an elementary music program tonight and he was going to miss the shuttle buses. The original plan was for him to run sound then drive to praise team practice (if he got done in time) then drive home. However it's been snowing fairly heavily since 3:00 pm and snow has accumulated on the roads. I knew that he was nervous about the thought of driving home tonight but figured he could attempt it. (I was very nervous about allowing him to attempt it but know that he's got to learn sometime). Anyway...Suz decided that it would be better if he did not attempt it and took him home with her. Deep inside I feel that that was the right decision - he's demonstrated a fair bit of wisdom in knowing when he's too tired or otherwise not safe to drive so far. It's just hard to know when it's my "over-protective" mothering and when I need to push him just a bit more. Driving home from Squirrel's TaeKwonDo took us close to 40 min. Roads had not been sanded or plowed yet - not even the main east/west highway so I went fairly slow. I didn't notice as much ice under the wheels as I had earlier in the evening but visibility was very bad.


Linds said...

I think you should be very proud that he didn't decide to drive home anyway. He is learning to know his limits. I am here in Switzerland and this morning, my sister took one look at the falling snow and decided that the roads were too icy for us to go down the mountain. Fine with me. I would rather be alive. Our shopping can wait!

Mary said...

Just lately I have been of the mind that there is no such thing as over protective mothers - I know I kid myself. Still,there is that hand over period when letting go and holding on tight do get a bit fuzzy.

There is no manual - is there?