Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beautiful Treachery

Today is the second day of beautiful, treacherous ice on the roads, trees, and pretty much everywhere else. School was canceled yesterday and we got an early start to our Christmas break. School was closed by 6:15 am - I got a call on a 2 hour delay at about 5:10 and they called back an hour later to cancel. I felt like we got a lot of settling done around the house - there are still a few boxes in the "great room/open hallway" area. However they are now up against the wall, boys computer is set up and working!! and we have play station set up also. We got out pictures to begin to hang up last night but both B and I were too exhausted to do it.

I did have to go out yesterday evening to take care of the chickens at the old house. The sad part was that Squirrel and I stopped at Suz's to get some food to give the remaining cats at the old house. The only problem was that I apparently set the food down in the back of her van and left it there. I was distracted by the 2 50 lb bags of potatoes she had in the back of her van - which are now residing in the back seat of my car waiting on a couple of strong guys to take to the basement.

My car now has a new ignition switch - B drilled out the old one yesterday - with the car sitting in the ice-covered driveway. Once I figured out that the key they gave us with the new switch would not work because it didn't have a computer chip in it the car worked fine with the old key.

I'd better get off here now - time to get bills paid, laundry folded and kitchen cleaned.


Mary said...

Computer chips - they sure can be tricky ;)

Linds said...

Merry Christmas, Edith! Such a special one for you and your new bigger family!