Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck today.  My knees have always been an issue - way back to high school days.  I've not been able to drive a stick shift vehicle partly as a result of the knee issues as clutching was a challenge.  (Hubby would say it's also that I can't "hear" the engine when it's time to shift).  Either way...last spring I fell and ended up injured.  I have a torn meniscus now in the left knee that is scheduled to be "fixed" Wednesday morning.  Fixing basically involves going in, cutting out the torn portion and then smoothing/shaving off any rough edges of bone.  Then I will be on crutches for 5 days not allowed to put any weight on it.  We have the following Monday off for Labor Day so that means only 3 days off work if all goes as planned. 

However I pulled a "stupid" and have a severe case of poison ivy reaction - one friend told me I look like I've been beat-up.  My face is swollen and bright red, one eyelid is swollen...Usually when I get this reaction it requires steroids to treat it.  However having surgery scheduled for Wednesday may mean I can't take the steroids or have to reschedule the surgery.  I don't want the surgery but nor do I want to reschedule it. 

I'm waiting now for a call back from the surgeon's office to let me know what to do.  I also do have an appointment with my family doctor so I can at least get a prescription for the steroids.  In the meantime I'm also doing all the non-prescription and folklore type treatments I can...including taking an antihistamine that tends to make me a little sleepy every few hours.

Sorry this post isn't very positive - just needed to get stuff out there. 

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